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CHI XR APG Meeting 
Tuesdays 6.30 > 8.00-ish
Fortnightly Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 898 7418 9371
Password: 058291

The ACTION PLANNING GROUP meets fortnightly and looks into organising actions and activities around issues that we feel are most pressing. We can plan any action as long as it is consistent with XR’s Principles and Values. 

For more details email: xrchiapg@gmail.com

Wednesdays 6.00 > 7.30
Fortnightly Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 880 3482 1366
Password: 398003

This is a virtual fortnightly meeting with presentations and Q&A to discuss issues of relevance to XR.
All welcome!

XR Chi O&T Meeting 
Thursdays 3.30 > 5.00
Fortnightly Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 834 4157 7292
Password: 307055

The OUTREACH & TRAINING group aims to connect Chichester XR with other interest groups and individuals; to recruit and provide training opportunities for more activists and supporters and communicate our message to the public through a wide range of activities including talks, social media, literature etc and to work with other working groups such as media/messaging team as required.

If you’d like more detail please email: xrchiot@gmail.com

XR Chi CORE Group Meeting
Fridays 3.00 > 5.00pm
Weekly Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 841 6205 9769
Password: 183698

The Core Group meets every week to discuss key local issues and how to run our Local Group based on information from the Working Groups. We also discuss XR’s ideas and plans and the focus of each Working Group.

For more information email: xrchichester@gmail.com

Zoom Meeting.
Wed 21st Oct
6.00 > 7.30pm
Chichester District Council released its Climate Action Plan 25/9/20.
XR Chi PEG (Political Engagement Group) are holding a Zoom presentation and breakdown about this on Wednesday 21st October.

  • Chichester District Council’s CLIMATE ACTION PLAN outlines ways in which the council is working to reduce their own emissions, bringing about public behavioural changes and working with businesses and organisations to reduce their environmental impact.
  • The CDC plan is available to read: https://www.chichester.gov.uk/letstalkclimatechange
  • This link also has FAQs about the plan and a survey for responses (which closes on 6/11/20).
  • PEG is working to break the plan down with a supporting video outlining where the plan does and does not go far enough to tackle the climate and ecological crisis.

If you can join us at the Zoom meeting, don’t worry if you haven’t read the plan. We will give a short overview and some initial reactions!
Whether you can or can’t come, please fill in the council’s survey on the plan.

Meeting details:

Meeting ID: 819 5830 6608
Passcode: 24276


3 Replies to “Zoom Meetings”

    1. I’m sorry Polly, I didn’t see this message. I do hope you were able to find it on the calendar.

      Please consider joining the next meeting:

      COMMUNITY HUB (nee Climate Cafe)
      Wednesday 3rd February
      7.00pm > 8.00ish
      For people interested in finding out more and getting involved in The Community Hub Cafe (working title). This will hopefully bring together the many community groups in Chi – Transition, EcoChi, Swap Shop, Repair Cafe, BLM, and more. A space to eat, drink and network, a space to learn about lots of climate, social and racial issues, a space for HOPE! We are creating groups: Outreach, Buildings, Council & Legal and more. If this is something you would like to be involved with please join our Zoom on:
      Wed 3rd Feb

      XR Chichester is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
      Topic: Chichester Community Hub
      Join Zoom Meeting

      Meeting ID: 863 6324 2694
      Passcode: 632682

      Cate 😊

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