Press Release from Extinction Rebellion Chichester, 25/11/19

Extinction Rebellion Chichester Hunger Strikers demand Governments take more action on Climate Crisis

Extinction Rebellion took to our streets on Friday 22nd November with drumming, banner waving and lively chanting to bring attention to the Global Hunger Strike. Governments around the world are being called upon to dramatically step up action in response to the climate emergency.

Four members of the local group, Juliet Mary Larken , Katherine Isobel Garda, Jill Schinas and Lynne Fornieles had joined 400 activists in 26 countries around the world who have gone without food since Monday 18th November in solidarity with the world’s starving. More than 800 million people already suffer from hunger and starvation while billions more could be at risk in the coming years as climate change hits food production, the activists say.

During this election period Extinction Rebellion Chichester marched to the headquarters of the local political parties to raise the issue of the Climate Crisis. First they marched to the Lib Dem headquarters where a representative came out onto the streets to congratulate them on their efforts and to thank them for all they were doing to bring awareness to the community.

The Labour Candidate Jay Morton was on the pavement outside the Labour Head Quarters and again thanked the group for all they were doing before asking if she could join them for a short while in procession. Jay Morton had herself taken part in the Nurse In with her baby at the October Rebellion organised by Extinction Rebellion in Whitehall, London.

The Conservative Party made no comment and refused to engage with the group.


And here are testimonies of three of the local hunger strikers:

Lynne Fornieles
My name is Lynne and I’m a member of Chichester XR. I’m hunger striking in sympathy with all those people who have no choice. It really made me realise how desperate it must be to have nothing to give your children. To have nothing to eat yourself. You couldn’t even restock and recharge your own batteries so that you could somehow manage to help your family. I can’t tell you how angry I am that the people in power are doing nothing! We have to act now. There is no choice. Just get on with it!

Katherine Isobel Garda
I’m Katherine Isobel Garda. I’m hunger striking because I’m hungry for change. I know we need to find a new way forward. This climate crisis, it’s completely obvious, it’s staring us in the face. Alarm bells are going off and it’s time to wake up. And I feel I have woken up, I can never go back to sleep again. We are damaging this world beyond repair.

I feel for young people, because I think they see it as it is and they look at the world and it causes them such anxiety. It’s awful it’s come to this, that they have to stand up and say ‘What are you doing?!’ I’ve heard that cry, I’ve heard that call, because I care about my children and I care about the future.

There is a system change that has to take place. To those in government positions: You must speak out! You must tell the truth, however bleak it is. We’ve got to act on every level now, and you’ve got to involve the people otherwise they won’t go with you.

Juliette Mary Larkin
I’ve been fasting alongside those on Hunger Strike, in solidarity with them…fasting has helped to focus my mind and intention and hopes and prayers for our world, and from this place I am calling out with all those globally who are asking for change, for our Climate Emergency to be treated as such by our governments.