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* Groups not yet established. If you’re interested please get in touch with Tom, HERE
This is Chichester Extinction Rebellion (XR) Local Group.

We are a group of people who create an XR community presence in the Chichester and surrounding areas.
We support taking actions for XR’s three demands keeping to XR’s Principles and Values. An important part about XR is our culture of how we connect and work together.

Within Chichester XR we have different Working Groups that people can join. Some people join many groups:

• CHICHESTER CORE GROUP. This group is made up of at least one person from each of the other Working Groups but everyone is very welcome to come along. We meet every week to discuss key local issues and, based on information from the Working Groups, how to run the Local Group. We also discuss XR’s ideas and plans and the focus of each Working Group.
For more information email:

• ACTION PLANNING GROUP. This group meets weekly and looks into organising actions and activities around issues that we feel are most pressing. We can plan any action as long as it is consistent with XR’s Principles and Values.
If you’d like to be involved email:

 THE ART GROUP.  This group gathering is about focusing and creating work for specific XR Actions. We can make Extinction Rebellion flags, banners and placards. We also have XR woodblocks and linocuts to print on to cotton T-shirts, jackets or bags. We usually meet every couple of weeks. If you’d like to come along to the Art Group email:

» Art Subgroup: RED REBELS – Red Rebel Beings are a creative form of protest performers aligned with environmental causes, themes and movements meeting periodically to practice moving together as one to support particular XR Actions. Please email:

» Art Subgroup: REBEL CHOIR – Open to anyone who supports the aims of XR. Song sheets available. No previous experience is necessary. We usually meet twice a month. Please email:

• FINANCE & FUNDRAISING GROUP.  This group is not yet established but if it’s something you’d like to be involved with please email the Core Group:

• THE LEGAL GROUP.  This group is not yet established but if it’s something you’d like to be involved with please email the Core Group:

• MESSAGING & MEDIA. Here we aim to spread the message about XR. Actively working on social media, live streaming, photography, graphic design, newsletter & website (, calendar and video production. Engaging the local newspapers and TV with news reports and press releases. We gather together at various times.

If you’d like to be involved please email:

• OUTREACH & TRAINING GROUP.  This group aims to connect Chichester XR with other interest groups and individuals; to recruit and provide training opportunities for more activists and supporters and communicate our message to the public through a wide range of activities including talks, social media, literature etc and to work with other working groups such as media/messaging team as required.
If you’d like to join Outreach & Training we meet locally, fortnightly, please email:

» OT Subgroup: REBEL RINGERS – The Rebel Ringers is a phone bank of people. We make phone calls to reach out to other activists or members of the public – to contact, inform and engage. If you’re interested in joining the Rebel Ringers Phone Bank Party please email:

• POLITICAL ENGAGEMENT.  Our Political Engagement Group focuses on how we can engage with the political structures from local to international, from councillors to our MP. All welcome. If you’d like to be involved please email:

• REGENERATIVE CULTURE.  XR’s 3rd Principle & Value calls for a regenerative culture, one which is healthy, resilient and adaptable. Wellbeing is essential. We meet to help feel good about things that matter, tending self-care to sustain each other in a nurturing way, for long-term nourishment. This can be restorative circles, dialogue systems, group activities such as yoga, dance, sound baths etc, and we aim for fun. If you’d like to join or have something good to share please email:

» RC Subgroup: DEEP POSITIVE ADAPTATION – We meet monthly for walks and good conversations about societal breakdown and how to adapt. If you’d like to know more please email:

» RC Subgroup: SAMBA BAND – We meet fortnightly to practice rhythms to create ‘the XR heartbeat’ to perform at particular XR Actions. Please email:

• TECH. This group is not yet established but if it’s something you’d like to be involved with please email the Core Group: