Engaging with Councillors about the Climate Emergency

It is obvious that XR Chichester will need to engage with Councillors, parish, District and County, in order to ensure the Councils’ response to the Climate Crisis is sufficient to minimise our contribution.

We’d like members of XR Chichester to contact their Councillors to get them onboard and knowledgeable about the issues.

This page is going to pull together resources to support your engagement with your councillor. It’s amazing that 96% of Council’s in the South East have already passed a motion or declared a Climate Emergency. But, converting this into an action plan that delivers and gets buy-in from the various communities is going to be much harder.

Here’s a Briefing Note on Climate Emergency Declarations and Action Plans.

Chichester District Council Emergency Action PlanWhose Plan, Our Plan!

Engage with Chichester District Council Councillors