Chichester District Council’s Climate Emergency Detailed Action Plan consultation

Chichester District Council has published a draft Climate Emergency Detailed Action Plan for consultation.

There is a survey on this website which needs to be completed before midnight on Friday 6 November 2020.

Here’s XR Chichester Political Engagement Group’s response to this plan. Please use it to help form your view of the plan and construct your response to the survey.

Here’s a video of a recording of “Heading for Extinction” – a short presentation by XR Chichester members that sets out the facts and figures behind the climate emergency and why we need to act now:

Here is a video of a presentation XR Chichester’s Political Engagement Group gave about the CDC Climate Emergency Action Plan:

And the actual presentation.

The task ahead is daunting, but it can and has to be done. We urge Chichester District Council to demonstrate real leadership and adopt the radically participatory ways of working that are needed to achieve the change needed to meet the crisis we are facing.

Be ambitious, be creative, be bold!