TUESDAY 15th JUNE 2021
Bosham Quay

The Chichester Red Rebels went out in silence, except for Time tolling her Death Bell for us all to ACT NOW

The Red Rebels raised interest and awareness and many leaflets were taken from the minders.

Just to prove how little process there has been: Back in 1997 The Chichester and Manhood Peninsula Friends of the Earth re-enacted King Canute’s action to prove that the sea at Bosham could not be held back.

Here to highlight the effects of global warming, Tom Broughton, co-ordinator of Chichester Friends of the Earth, set a challenge to local residents. He said: “King Canute could not hold back the sea, but if we take action now perhaps we can.”

(Chichester Observer 24/7/1997)

13th JUNE 2021
Carbis Bay, Cornwall


Extinction Rebellion, with Chichester Rebel in green, block the G7 delegates’ exit road out of Carbis Bay in protest at inaction on the climate crisis. 

They are acting because the G7 leaders have not

A spokesperson said:  

“This weekend was a key moment. The G7, leaders of the world’s richest democratic nations have met and yet we’re STILL Drowning in Promises. We asked the leaders of the world to act now and all we’ve had are hollow words. We’re in no better position than before the G7 took place.

“This G7 conference begs the question. Is the outcome of this “event” really worth all the disruption, the carbon footprint and not forgetting the unfathomably large financial cost of all this security?”

On the third and final day of the G7 summit Extinction Rebellion are focusing on the failure of G7 nations to respect the global climate commitments they made in Paris in 2015, and urging the leaders leaving Carbis Bay to act immediately to address the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Gail Bradbrook, Extinction Rebellion co-founder, said:

“These pledges for change are pathetic in the face of the collapse of the natural world- they might have been appropriate 20 years ago but not in 2021. An emergency means an emergency and our leaders aren’t keeping us safe. Tipping points are being breached and billions will die because of this inaction.

“The only thing left for people to rebel against our leaders, to rise up and pull together on the streets to take action ourselves. Because none of us is safe until all of us are safe. We’ve had enough of targets for the future, we need action now.”

1st JUNE 2021
BP’s oil terminal, Hamble, Southampton

1st & 29th  May 2021
Kill The Bill Actions

The right to protest is under threat. Chichester people from XR, BLM, Pride, Trade Unions, and other local campaign groups joined the Kill The Bill Campaign in solidarity to oppose the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

This Bill, if passed would restrict severely our right to protest by imposing noise and time limits on all public demonstrations, even if there is only one participant. Anyone protesting after this Bill goes through will risk big fines and imprisonment.

John-Henry Bowden – Lib Dems
Jay Morton – Chi Labour
Clare Walsh – Chi Labour
Mark Sage – Socialist and anti-racist activist.
Dylan Cole – protestor from Petworth

Get Catweasel – “Angry songs from the Anthropocene”
Ollie Belcher aka Boya.

Some photos taken from the Actions on the 1st May and the 29th May.

More photos HERE

Money Rebellion

Rebels across the UK and around the world showed their banks’ local branches how they are feeling about financing fossil fuels.

In the UK, this is primarily Barclays and HSBC. Banks have quietly poured nearly £3,000,000,000,000 into fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement. Between 2016 and 2018 Barclays financed BILLIONS of £s with climate-wrecking fossil fuel investments, rainforest destruction, and human rights abuses at a time when we are all meant to be looking after our planet.

Check out
for more info.

Photos here of Chichester Scrubbers scrubbing our high street Barclays clean! The protesters drew attention to how dirty the banks with our money really are. And they did well. Many people came away thinking about the situation.

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